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Does Your Home’s Stonework Need Repair?

Have you noticed cracks in your stonework? Crumbling mortar? Do the stones seem to be loose? Over time, routine wear and tear can take a toll on stonework, and that’s not counting any damage resulting from objects hitting the stone. Although stone is an incredibly durable material, it can split, lift, or deteriorate. At ROCK’N-IT Masonry in northern Utah, our team of highly-skilled masons can repair and restore your stonework so it looks like new. Whether your stonework is inside or outside, our team of professionals knows how to properly care for it. Stone walkways, accent walls, pillars, chimneys, mailboxes, and façades are beautiful additions to any house, and keeping them in good condition adds to your home’s appeal and value.

Stone Repairs in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake & Utah Counties

How ROCK’N-IT Masonry Handles Stone Repairs

When we come to your home, we’ll do a careful assessment of your stonework to identify what needs to be repaired. After we’ve pinpointed the areas that need attention, our skilled masons will perform the work, using their expertise to seamlessly blend the repairs. In cases where stone must be replaced, we’ll make sure we find a stone that matches the original masonry. After we’ve completed the work, we do a thorough clean-up, so you aren’t left with any mess. Our team of professionals takes their work seriously, and they’re dedicated to providing our customers with impressive results.

If you have stonework that needs repair, contact ROCK’N-IT Masonry for a free estimate. We serve customers in the counties of Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah. Our work is guaranteed, so you can feel confident that you’re working with a company that stands by its work.

Why Stonework Repair Is Important

Weather in northern Utah can be unpredictable and harsh, and that can do damage to your stonework, especially if it’s on the exterior of your home. Rain, wind, and snow are all hard on stonework. Although stone is naturally found outside, that doesn’t mean stonework is impervious to damage. Expansion and contraction from high and low temperatures can contribute to stone or mortar cracking, and the natural settling of a house can affect stonework, causing it to split or lift. Additionally, objects that impact the stone can damage it, like hail or debris in wind storms.

When stonework needs repair, it’s imperative to get it fixed promptly to prevent the damage from becoming worse. In some cases, safety can become a concern. Loose stones can fall, and stonework in walkways that’s uneven or lifted is a tripping hazard. Let the professionals at ROCK’N-IT Masonry do your repairs to make sure your stonework is safe and properly maintained.

ROCK’N-IT Masonry Goes Above and Beyond

We use skilled masons for our projects to ensure our work meets the highest standards, and all of our team members are dedicated to providing the very best customer service. If we’re working on a project that requires replacing stone in old stonework, we scour our resources to find suitable matches, no matter how old the original masonry. We take extra care on every job site, since we’re always mindful of the fact that we’re in someone’s home. When our customers place their trust in us, we’re committed to proving that they’ve made the right choice.

Contact ROCK’N-IT Masonry

If you’re located in northern Utah and have stonework that needs repair, contact ROCK’N-IT Masonry to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. Let our team of skilled professionals turn your damaged stonework back into a beautiful, eye-catching accent.

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