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Positive: Professionalism, Quality Responsiveness, Value

I am very happy with the work that Bruce with Rockn-It and his crew performed on my back patio. This work gave my patio new life by covering the large cracks in the cement with a topper. I then painted the topper to match my other cement work. I am so thrilled with the end result and the extended life their work gave to my patio.

Dianne Anderson, 01/22/2022

I had Rockn-It Masonry come to my home to quote a small project after company had already quoted the work. We had a few glasses block windows that we were replacing with vinyl windows and we weren’t sure if there was ample support for the window openings. The other company quickly looked at the work I was inquiring about and then quoted $1,800. Rockn-It’s rep(Brett) came and looked at the job. He quickly determined that there was no additional support needed and advised on what I should do to install the new windows (which I can do myself), ultimately declining to accept any (small) amount if business that I might have given them for this project.
This level of honestly from a business is very hard to come across, and it is greatly appreciated. When renovating a home, these costs can add up, and the guidance they provided was much appreciated. While I can’t comment on their masonry work (yet), I can attest to the fact that they are an honest business with honest employees. That fact is invaluable. I look forward to working with them on future masonry projects.

Michael, 11/18/2022

Professional, quality. Was worried that my project would be too small, but Bruce was happy to take on the work. Was able to complete the project in a timely manor. Overall good communication and quote was transparent. I would hire without hesitation.

cbfull1987, 04/15/2022

My husband noticed a large separation in the chimney as he looked up on afternoon.
We had 3 bids and decided to go with Rock-N-It as they looked to be the best suited to the high wall, heavy rock and morter project ahead to restore what he had up there.
They did not disappoint, super professional!

Tammy Sausedo, 07/14/2022

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