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ROCK’N-IT Masonry: Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, & Utah Counties Home Improvement Pros

ROCK’N-IT Masonry has served the residents of  Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties for many years. Our team always responds quickly to calls, and we keep our prices fair because quality shouldn’t always have a luxury price tag. We send skilled masons to work on every project, ensuring any work or repairs are carried out expertly. Small projects are always welcome, and we put the same skill and care into a minor repair as we do an extensive endeavor. We also guarantee your satisfaction with our work. From setting the estimate on your project to showcasing the final product, every step of the process is sure to impress you and meet the expectations you have of a team of seasoned professionals.

Rockn-IT Masonry's owner in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake & Utah Counties

Thorough List of Masonry Services

The comprehensive list of masonry services that ROCK’N-IT Masonry offers turns your mundane manor into an inhabitable showpiece for your neighborhood. We provide stellar brick, rock and stonework repairs and new builds for interior & exterior features. Including, fireplaces, fire pits, mailboxes, posts & fences, walls, and specializing in exterior chimney repairs and a wide variety of outdoor living features. Your chimney’s mortar might be crumbling, or your older home has bricks that need replacing or rebuilding. We take care of getting your structure back in top condition with service that goes beyond the typical home repair offerings. If necessary, we’ll even locate vintage bricks to match the aesthetic of your current repair job. Installing or repairing a stone, rock or brick wall in your living room is not a problem, either.

We always finish our job site with a quality clean up as well as return in a few days to a week to wash the brick or stone work and then “seal” it twice to give it outstanding life from the harsh environment.

Assured Satisfaction with Our Work

If you have damaged or worn brick or stonework, don’t wait to get it fixed and let the problem get even worse. Call ROCK’N-IT Masonry to perform outstanding repairs on your home’s interior, exterior, chimney, fireplace, or other structures. For upgrades and new builds like fire pits and mailboxes, our quality is second-to-none. Our top-skilled masons provide only the best work and take the time to ensure it’s done correctly. We guarantee our work, so there’s no need to worry about wasting your time or money. Call us today and get a free estimate on your project.

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