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Upgrade Your Home’s Interior or Exterior with Rockn-It Masonry

Veneer stone walls give you a choice for your fireplace build or home remodel. They come in a variety of shades, colors, textures, and combinations. But to get the desired effect you want for your interior or exterior work, you need a contractor that specializes in selecting the right stone veneer for your project. You need a contractor who can install the material to your specifications. Home and business owners in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties, UT trust one name for the results they want: Rockn-It Masonry. Our company works with the top brand names in the industry like Harris and American Stone & Beehive Brick. We use stone veneer in a variety of projects such as interior spaces and exterior home remodeling and fireplace upgrades. Residents, builders, real estate agents, and home inspectors all know our work and quality.

What Is Veneer Stone?

Also known as architectural or manufactured stone, veneer stone is engineered to provide the look of natural stone. It is a beautiful byproduct of cement aggregates and iron oxides, baked in textured molds. Through this process, the veneer stone walls take on a natural stone look without incurring the costs of gathering and transporting the real thing. The cement within the veneer stone gives it stability. The iron oxide provides the pigments. Not generally used for construction, veneer stone does offer many benefits for home or business remodeling. It is light and easy to cut. It comes in uniform sizes, and it is easy to get. Masons and contractors use it for property renovations and fireplace builds because of its quality.

Veneer Stone Walls for Fireplaces

Veneer stone walls add unmatched elegance and permanence to any fireplace. Because of the various material choices for veneer stone walls, they give you a variety of benefits for your fireplace work:

  • Greater Design Flexibility: Veneer stone walls match almost any interior or exterior fireplace arrangement. With their broad range of colors and finishes, they can be incorporated into the fireplace directly or used to construct a stunning wall or as an elegant backdrop that will draw the eyes.
  • Lightweight: Veneer stone walls do not have the strength of authentic stacked stone. However, they do have the average loadbearing capabilities of cement. This attribute makes them ideal for fireplace mantels and surrounding fireplace walls.

Veneer Stone Walls for Interior Remodeling

Veneer stone walls make the perfect accent to almost any interior. Contractors use them in kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells, and accent walls. Veneer stone provides a broad range of benefits for home and business owners looking to raise the value and curb appeal of their properties, including:

  • Cost: Veneer stone walls look and feel like natural stone but without the added costs. Real stones are expensive. Not to mention, they are very costly to transport to a job site & work with it. Consider veneer stone walls from Rockn-It Masonry to keep project costs down.
  • Durability: Most manufacturer’s warranties for veneer stone walls range from 25 to 75 years. If installed properly, they are generally maintenance-free and resist fire and damage better than other wood or vinyl.
  • Variety: You can apply veneer stone walls to almost any surface. Whether working with a wood, cement, brick, or metal surface, veneer stone walls hold tight. Most importantly, they are more flexible than natural stone and adhere to less-than-level surfaces!
  • Return-on-Investment: Veneer stone walls not only make your interior look beautiful, but they also add real resale value. With a professional installation from Rockn-It Masonry, you could see serious profits when selling.

Exterior Veneer Stone Walls

Exterior renovations can be costly. With those costs going up year-after-year, it is important to save where you can. Veneer stone walls are an excellent choice for any exterior remodel to do just that! How can you save more using veneer stone walls? Let us look at some of the benefits:

  • Faster Installation: Real stone is heavy and hard to work with. Veneer stone walls cut days out of the installation and stone repair process, as they are lightweight and easy to handle. There is also a reduced risk of damage to consider when dealing with veneer stone walls.
  • Improved Consistency: You have little control over the size, shape, and color of natural stone. On the other hand, you can practically mold veneer stone walls to your unique taste and style. You get a consistent, beautiful finished product every time.
  • More Eco-Friendly: Stone quarries have devastating effects on the planet. Veneer stone walls do not draw from these places for materials. The manufacturing process has much less of an impact on the environment, yet still provides the look you want.

Cultured Stone vs. Natural Stone

Though natural stone and veneer (or manufactured stone) have similarities in appearance and consistency, they do have fundamental differences, which make them unique. At Rockn-It Masonry, we work with both. Our master masons have the knowledge and experience to provide insights that will help you make the right decision for your next project:


  • Usage: Veneer stone walls can be stacked to create a natural stone look from bottom to top on any vertical surface inside or out. Natural stone, rock & brick are excellent for building purposes but give you little choice in size, shape, and weight.
  • Dimensions: Veneer stone walls can be anywhere from one to eight inches height and 14 inches in diameter. In contrast, natural stone weighs twice what veneer stone walls do and their thickness varies according to the preference of the home or business owner.
  • Appearance: The colors of veneer stone walls are mainly uniform, based on the client’s request. Rockn-It Masonry works with thin brick, rolled river rock, ridge stone, limestone, granite, and others. Natural stone comes in a variety of different colors and is more resistant to fading from the sun. Be sure to examine the quality of all your building materials.
  • Process: Manufactured stone is porous and lightweight. The installation process for veneer stone walls is naturally more straightforward because it can be manipulated and applied with less effort. Natural stone must be placed with great care and does not cut easily to fit different surfaces which obviously adds the extra expense.

Contact Rockn-It Masonry for Your Free Estimate

Whether you choose natural stone or veneer stone walls for your next project in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties, Rockn-It Masonry is here to help you. Call us about pricing, services, or to schedule your free on-site estimate.