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Thorough Chimney Repair

Don’t let the damage to the masonry and mortar of your chimney go neglected. It can allow excess water into your joints and cause excessive damage to your brick or rock chimney, causing expansion from freezing which will push rocks out and will crack the bricks and or blow the faces of the bricks right off. Grinding the mortar joints and replacing old grout with new and then sealing it will give your chimney new life for many years to come. We send only top-skilled masons to work on every project, from minor repairs to significant rebuilds and new structures. Each job we perform deserves the same commitment to quality and care to ensure lasting function and beauty. We don’t rush through projects with average workmanship and passable quality. Our masons take the time to meticulously construct and repair your chimney, so it’s done correctly and meets our own high standards. Call us and benefit from our commitment to excellence on every job.

Chimney Repair Services in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties

External Chimney Repair Services

Don’t let damage to the masonry of your chimney go neglected. ROCK’N-IT Masonry does expert repairs for chimneys to ensure it works correctly and doesn’t let water cause additional damage. It’s better to take care of issues early while simple repairs can fix them and looks like new again to match the rest of your homes quality appearance. Leaving masonry issues unattended leads to more serious issues and costs you a great amount of time and money. Our masons perform repairs big and small with the same care and attention to detail, so your chimney gets restored back to top working condition. We make sure that any work we do matches with the existing style and aesthetic, even if it means tracking down vintage bricks for an older home.

Luxury Quality at Friendly Prices

ROCK’N-IT Masonry is dedicated to providing only the highest-quality repairs for your chimney, but we keep the prices very reasonable. Getting the high-end quality care that you deserve for your home shouldn’t always have a high-end price tag. We also guarantee your satisfaction on all our work. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on chimney repairs.

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